Burger, Bodzinski and Burton Named Field Hockey Captains for 2018

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WORCESTER, Mass. - Assumption Field Hockey Head Coach Annie Lahey is excited to announce that rising seniors Sarah Bodzinski (Southwick, Mass. / Southwick Tolland), Kolby Burger (Killingworth, Conn. / Haddam Killingworth) & Gina Burton (Sherborn, Mass. / Dover-Sherborn) have been named captains for the 2018 season.

"We are lucky to have these three young women leading our team," said Lahey. "They have been a part of some amazing seasons and have learned from the excellent leaders that have come before them.  They have experienced great success and also know how to navigate disappointment. I know Kolby, Sarah and Gina will be able to serve their teammates and help to create the positive atmosphere necessary for us to achieve our goals in the 2018 season." 

Last season the trio helped Assumption earn the final spot in the NE10 Tournament and pull off consecutive upsets to reach the NE10 Championship. The Hounds fell to eventual national champion LIU Post in the conference title game to conclude their season with a 12-9 record.

Question: What does it mean to be named a captain by your teammates?

Gina Burton: It means a lot to know that I am someone that they can look up to and that they trust enough to want me as of their captains. 

Kolby Burger: I was so honored that my teammates recognized my hard work and decided to put me in a position to lead them. I value my teammates' opinions immensely and for them to believe in me and to trust me to lead this team is something that honestly brings a tear to my eye. I am humbled by this opportunity and could not thank my teammates enough for supporting me and loving me every day, I would not be the player I am now without them.

Sarah Bodzinski: I am honored that my teammates think so highly of me and trust me to serve them in this role. They are my second family and to be recognized by people that I care about so much is truly an honor. We have had many outstanding captains during my three previous seasons here who have been incredible role models and I hope to live up to the standards they have set.


Q: What are you looking forward to the most in this 2018 season?

Sarah Bodzinski: I am looking forward to seeing what we will achieve. During our offseason we melded as a group and put in innumerable hours of hard work, so I am excited to see that translate on the field and to integrate the incoming freshmen into our tight knit group. The sky is the limit for our team and we have our sights set as high as they can go. We are determined to reach our goals with grit, heart, and hard work. I cannot wait to see how far that will take us.

Gina Burton: I'm really looking forward to how far we'll be able to push each other on and off of the field. I was very excited to see how much we came together as a team and how much stronger we got this past spring season. I feel like it created the perfect foundation for what's to come this fall, and also create a welcoming environment for the incoming freshmen. I can't wait to see how all of our hard work in the offseason will translate into this upcoming season!

Kolby Burger: There are so many things I am looking forward to this upcoming season but if I had to choose one it would be returning to the NE10 championship game.  Even though this is a new team I know that we have the talent and the heart to get back to where we sadly ended our season last year. We will have to work hard to do it but that anticipation for that hard work and getting to the finish line gives me chills, that's how excited I am for that moment to come again.


Q: What does it mean to be a Hound?

Kolby Burger: Being a Hound means having a strong sense of community, as well as being more than yourself. What I mean by that is that being a Hound means you are automatically accepted into a family where Buryou know that no matter what you are never alone. As a Hound you support others and you support them not only during their success but most importantly during their failures. As a Hound you have the responsibility to represent Assumption to the best of your ability, which may seem like a burden but as a Hound you do that with pride and honor. Being a Hound is a privilege and once you are a Hound you never want to lose that.

Sarah Bodzinski: To be a Hound means to pursue excellence in all aspects of life whether it be on the field, in the classroom, or out in the community. It means being part of a supportive community built from teammates, fellow student athletes, coaches, professors, trainers, and fans. Being a Hound is something bigger than all of us, and I have been honored and humbled to call myself part of the community for the past three years.

Gina Burton: Being a Hound means that you are a driving force. You play with heart and never give up when faced with a challenge. You support the ones around you, will always have them strive for greatness and to never settle for anything less. You achieve what's said to be the impossible, and celebrate the successes of others - whether it be in the classroom or on the field.    


Assumption field hockey will open its season on Sept.4 when they travel to take on Southern N.H. 1p.m.