Strength & Conditioning

Below are a number of examples of workouts developed for the Assumption College Athletic Programs by Nick Stanovich, Strength and Conditioning coach. They are grouped by section, with the links taking student-athletes to video examples of how to properly conduct each exercise.

Full Body/Olympic
Clean progression           
Clean catch
Clean pull
Hang snatch
DB hang snatch
DB high pull
DB Swings
Power clean
Complex #1
(RDL,BO row, Clean pull, Clean catch into a press)
Complex #2
(Hang clean, Front squat, Push press, OH squat)

Upper Body
Barbell flat bench press
DB flatt bench press      
Barbell incline bench press         
DB incline bench press  
DB incline low bench press         
DB front press  
DB shrug             
DB Alternating front raises w/ thumbs up            
DB front raises w/ thumbs up    
Full hang prone grip pull ups (wide, intermediate)           
Inverted rows w/ legs bent/ single leg 
Inverted rows w/ partner resist               
Inverted rows weighted on midline        
Single arm inverted rows             
Inverted rows w/ legs straight       
DB single arm row to hip/thorasic/arm pit            
2 DB standing bent over row      
DB push press  
DB OH press      
2 DB incline row               
Scap push-ups
Scap push-ups on physio ball      
Physio ball push-ups
Band Face Pull
Band Scap Retractions  
Tricep Extensions

90 degree standing external rotation     
Seated leg over, wrist to hip external rotation   
Side lying external rotation
Standing 90 in front external rotation       

Brady band circuit:         
In front band pull aparts               
OH band pull aparts       

Standing bent over Lateral T hold            
Standing bent over Lateral T raises          
Bench I’s             
Bench Y’s            
Bench T’s            
Bench W’s          
Monster band front raises          
Tricep band or rope push downs              
Prone lying Partner tricep extensions    
Rope or band face pull  
Resisted/assisted push ups    
Incline External Rotation

Lower Body
Goblet squat
Barbell front squat
Barbell back squat
Bulgarian split squats
Bulgarian jump split squats
Split squats
Forward lunges
Backwards lunges
Dead lift
Pin pull dead lift
Sumo dead lift
2 leg Physio ball hamstring curls
1 leg Physio ball hamstring curls
Partner resist physio ball hamstring curls
Partner glute/hams
Partner resist hamsting curls
Single leg box squats
Single leg assisted box squat
Single leg eccentric squats w/ DB’s on shoulders
BB extreme hip drive
Single leg SLDL
DB squat pull

Partner leg raises
Leg scissors
Alternating supermans
Bird dogs/bench bird dogs
3-way forearm planks
Alternating accordions
Bench balance accordions
Accordion hold med ball slams
Weighted sit ups
Plate crunches
Single leg sit ups
Crab hip lift
Hip raises
Hip Bridge
Straight leg single arm sit ups
Straight leg sit up w/ arms OH
Leg band raise & lower
Alternating crab hip lift
2-point bear reach
Plank push-up combo

Squat hold
Split squat hold
Bulgarian split squat hold
Bar hang hold
Iso hamstring hold
Single leg balance
Single leg balance w/ partner

Hounds warm-up
Blue warm-up
White warm-up
PVC pipe squat warm up
(Squat hold :10, press :10,
OH squat :10 seconds

Ankle Mobility
Wrist Mobility
Floor slides
PVC pipe upper body
Prone lying anterior reach
Wall groin stretch
Sacrum stretch
3-Point Thoracic Mobe
Half Kneeling Groin Pulse
Squat Series

Field Work
Box drill (4 cone)
Box x drill (5 cone)
T-drill (4 cone)
M-drill (Sprint-Backpedal)
M-drill (Sprint-Shuffle)
M-drill (Sprint-Open and run)
Single leg vert Jump-stick
2 leg vert jump-stick
Hydans- Continuous
Hydans- Traveling
Broad Jump-stick
Broad Jump-continuous
Lateral jump and stick
Medial jump and stick
Single leg vert jump-stick
Lateral line hops
Linear line hops
Ground start
Back start
Push up start